New Release: install4j v.10.0

This release adds:

  • Support for Windows on ARM
  • Support for Apple App Store submission
  • “Add a Windows firewall rule” action
  • Undo/Redo functionality for all modifications in the install4j IDE
  • Support for default values for bean properties with a gutter marker for non-default values and a context menu action to reset the default value
  • Static configuration of file associations and URL handlers for macOS
  • Optionally global single instance mode
  • On Windows, the per-user single instance mode now optionally covers all active sessions
  • Configurable Unix desktop file settings for external launchers
  • When building on Linux/macOS, the existing file and directory modes can now be used
  • Support for headless JREs on Linux
  • Improved development experience for background updaters
  • Improved access right modifications on Windows
  • Dark mode for documentation


Please see the what’s new page and the change log in the download section for more detailed information about new features and bug fixes.

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