InstallAnywhere is the leading multi-platform solution for developers creating installers for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

From a single project file and build environment, InstallAnywhere creates reliable installations for these on-premises platforms: Windows®, Linux®, Apple®, Solaris®, AIX, HP-UX and IBM®. Take existing and new software products to a virtual and cloud infrastructure, and create Docker containers—all from a single InstallAnywhere project.

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New features in the 2020 edition include:
  • New: Mac Notarization Compliance
    Installers built with this version of InstallAnywhere now comply with the required Mac Notarization standards.
  • New: Full Support for Amazon Corretto OpenJDK
    Run installers with both Amazon Corretto 8 and Amazon Corretto 11 distributions of OpenJDK.
  • New: Improved Digital Signing for Installers
    This release adds the ability to digitally sign your installers using certificate store information.
Benefits to your Organization
  • InstallAnywhere delivers an ideal combination of ease-of-use and powerful functionality.
  • More developers choose us to build reliable and consistent installation for desktop, server, cloud and virtual environments.
  • Know what’s in your code with a quick scan of your project to find Open Source Software vulnerabilities and dependencies.
  • Present installation text in up to 31 different languages for localizing installations.
  • Reduce software development time and go to market faster
  • Impress end users with customized installations
  • Simplify virtualization and cloud-based deployments

The result? Productivity: up. Extra scripting/coding/rework: way down.


Key Features
  • Creates Java™-based installations for multiplatform applications, including Windows® 10
  • Manages rules and dependencies. Automates processes.
  • Installs dependencies from Linux® package managers
  • Supports latest Microsoft® certificate requirements
  • Installs web apps to Tomcat™ and WebSphere®
  • Creates installs that connect to IBM DB2, Microsoft® SQL, MySQL™ and Oracle
  • Includes silent, console and GUI installations



SoftwareAsia is proud to be an Elite Partner for Revenera (previously known as Flexera). Revenera is the publisher of world class installation software InstallShield and InstallAnywhere. Revenera Software has a 30 year history in providing enabling technology to take products to market fast. Revenera is trusted by more than 80,000 customers that depend on InstallShield and InstallAnywhere. Revenera helps product executives build better products, accelerate their time to market and monetize what matters. Revenera’s leading solutions help software and technology companies drive top line revenue with modern software monetization, understand usage and compliance with software usage analytics, empower the use of open source with software composition analysis and deliver an excellent user experience—for embedded, on-premises, cloud and SaaS products.

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