Nevron Open Vision for .NET

Nevron Open Vision for .NET (NOV) is a suite of advanced desktop UI controls that aims to streamline the development of feature-rich Desktop Applications by providing developers with premium quality UI controls that also work on multiple operating systems.



The suite also includes advanced data visualization and text processing controls including class-leading Chart, Diagram, Gauge, Grid, Rich Text Editor, and Scheduler controls.

NOV is not just another UI suite for .NET as it allows you to write code once and target different .NET Desktop environments – WinForms, WPF, and Xamarin.Mac. It is by far the only suite of UI controls that runs on both Windows and Mac.

All controls in NOV share a number of common features including:

  • Common styling for all UI elements similar to CSS.
  • Identical look and feel on Windows (WinForms and WPF) and Mac (Xamarin.Mac).
  • State serialization to stream or file for all UI elements.
  • Fully 4K / high resolution compliant.
  • Hardware-accelerated (GPU) rendering based on OpenGL.
  • WYSIWYG printing support.
  • Windowless, flicker-free redraw and resize.
  • Pixel snapped rendering for crisp-looking UI elements.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Fully managed.

The feature richness, quality of implementation of each detail in NOV make this component suite unique. If you need superior quality UI, Chart, Diagram, Gauge, Grid, Rich-Text Editor, or Scheduler you need to investigate the ones included in NOV.

NOV offers countless benefits not just for developers, but for project managers and component vendors as well. Make sure your application gets the right set of UI controls – explore NOV – a whole new way to develop outstanding UIs.



LOGON is a Nevron authorized reseller in Asia, providing the leading .NET Development UI Controls & Data Visualization Components for cross-platform application development.

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Nevron Open Vision Professional, Nevron Open Vision Enterprise, Nevron Open Vision Professional + Subscription, Nevron Open Vision Enterprise + Subscription, Subscription Renewal for NOV Professional, Subscription Renewal for NOV Enterprise

Types of Edition

Professional Edition

Enterprise Edition

Developer License

Dev License with Subscription

Subscription Renewal

$ 1269

$ 1496

$ 380

Included Components: 

Included Components: 

Included Components: 

Developer License

Dev License with Subscription

Subscription Renewal

$ 2369

$ 2796

$ 689

Included Components: 

Included Components: 

Included Components: 


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