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Syslog Watcher is a syslog server designed with high performance and broad compatibility in mind. Syslog servers consolidate network and system events in the form of syslog messages for processing, monitoring, and analysis.



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Collect System Logs from Anywhere

Syslog Watcher supports the most modern transports for syslog protocol, from the straightforward Syslog over UDP (RFC5426) and Syslog over TCP (RFC6587) implementations to the secure syslog transmission over an encrypted TLS channel (RFC5425).

Support for dynamic syslog originators allows Syslog Watcher to correctly collect messages that are passed through a syslog-proxy or redirected by a syslog forwarder.


Central Repository for System Event Records

A central repository for event records simplifies system log analysis and speeds up network troubleshooting. Syslog Watcher’s built-in syslog storage is optimized for a large number of collected syslog messages indexed by time, importance, and origin.

A synchronized repository archive provides the additional redundancy required for the reliability of the syslog storage. The syslog archive automatically compresses syslog messages, allowing more data to be stored.


Analyze Syslog to Track Down Problems

flexible filtering system with complex expressions allows you to use syslog viewers to find problems and determine their causes. Syslog viewers also support layout customization and colorization rules for better data visualization.

Advanced time interval controls, data pagination, and quick search are only some of the rich features of the syslog viewer.

Email alerts reacting to specific syslog messages allow the syslog server to notify you of important events on the network.


Millions of Syslog Messages per Day

Syslog Watcher’s multi-threaded 64-bit architecture is optimized for high loads. Our syslog server is able to receive up to 100,000 syslog messages per second.

The network subsystem does not limit the number of listening interfaces or the number of simultaneously connected syslog clients.

The all-new syslog storage structure guarantees unlimited storage size, optimal file organization, and consistent performance.


EZ5 Systems

LOGON is an Authorized reseller for EZ5 software in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and Malaysia. EZ5 Systems specializes in the design of software for IT specialists. Their principal interests are server solutions and tools for network and system administrators.

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Network Subsystem

Unlimited number of IPv4/IPv6 network interfaces

Standard syslog over UDP (RFC5426)

Reliable syslog over TCP (RFC6587)

Secure and reliable syslog over TLS (RFC5425)

Maximum number of concurrently connected TCP/TLS clients






Maximum number of messages collected per hour






Maximum message length is limited for extended security

Message Processing

Incoming filters to screen out unwanted messages

Support for proxied or forwarded syslog messages

Customizable message encoding for better non-ASCII support

Maximum number of syslog originators (syslog sources)






Syslog parser uses regular expressions for data extraction

Option to set up different parsers for different originators

Syslog Storage

High-speed file-based syslog storage architecture

Virtually unlimited syslog storage size

Option to limit the maximum size of the storage (GB)

Option to set the message retention period (days)

Groups for better organizing large numbers of originators



Multiple files per day for consistent maximum performance




Syslog Storage Archive

Compressed storage archive for data backup

Daily synchronization of the archive with the storage

Incremental synchronization avoids storing redundant data

Syslog Forwarders

Unlimited number of forwarders of any type

Asynchronous forward avoids losses even during traffic spikes

Pause/resume feature to continue forwarding after error recovery

Forward to another syslog server via UDP/TCP/TLS

Forward to any database via ODBC interface

Forward to files with a highly customizable folder structure

Email Alerts

Unlimited number of email alert groups

Syslog Viewer

Unlimited number of syslog viewers

Easy-to-use set of controls for the time interval

Paging and time interval shifting to continue viewing

Quick search among the messages loaded into the grid

Extensive options to configure the viewer layout

Highlighting messages in the grid depending on filter rules

Powerful HTML/CSS template for message details view

Multiple storage files per day for a better storage overview




Message Filtration

Complex filter syntax allows an unlimited number of rules

Logical operations and parentheses for complex expressions

Text format of filter expressions is convenient to work with

Server Architecture

Multi-threaded 64-bit architecture optimized for high loads

Dynamic buffers to deal with peaks in incoming traffic

Automatic backups of the server configuration

Passwords in the configuration file are stored in encrypted form

Electronic Delivery

Once your order has been processed, you will receive a license key by email that will allow you to activate your license.


  • Access to technical support any time
  • Recommendations and answers to your questions
  • Free updates and upgrades to newer versions

Keeping your Maintenance active guarantees you have access to the technical help and configuration advice you may need.

During the Maintenance term you will receive the newest versions of software for free, which means more features and more security.


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